Alloy PD


Product Development Internship

Between May and December of 2015, I interned at Alloy Product Development, working directly with clients to provide detailed mechanical design for new products. Day-to-day operations included DFM, DFA, prototyping, testing, electronics integration, client meetings, and communication with vendors and CMs.


GoPro Hero5

The HERO5 was GoPro's first water resistant camera. Designed to function at depths up to 10m, it required gaskets around all openings. I performed ingress protection testing on gaskets of varying durometer to determine which would provide a sufficient seal while maintaining durability in a consumer product. Another feature of the HERO5 is its removable lens assembly. I performed calculations to determine the wireform diameter that would provide adequate positive retention and ease of operation for the user.


Thomas & Darden Kube

Kube is a cooler with an integrated high-end audio system. Striving for a stellar user experience, Thomas & Darden wanted the Kube to have top-knotch fit, finish, and performance. My work on the Kube included, but was not limited to, optimizing the lid opening mechanism for fluid motion, cycle-testing the co-molded buttons, and drop testing from different angles on high-speed video.



Upon expiration of an NDA, I'll be able to reveal the details of this product. I worked on it full-time for five months, acting as one of three engineers. My work included mechanism design, silicone button design and testing, PCB layout, optical design, packaging, prototyping, and bi-weekly meetings with the client.