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Hario V60 Filter Forming Cone

After I designed and 3D printed this cone to help me quickly and precisely fold my coffee filters, I published it in the /r/coffee subreddit, where it was picked up and published by 2-time World Barista Championship winner Matt Perger in his monthly newsletter, Barista Hustle.


The Problem

The Hario V60 is quite possibly the most popular apparatus for making pour-over coffee. Its operation requires taking a flattened cone filter and folding it along its seam to create a cone, then placing this filter into the structural component of the apparatus. Unfortunately, this folding process can be time consuming to do just right. And isn't "just right" what pour-over coffee is all about?



By creating a simple cone form with just the right dimensions, it's possible to split the pocket of the flattened cone filter open and slide it down over the form. The form then creases the seam perfectly without the use of fine motor controls and it's ready to be used.

4njCTYW - Imgur.jpg


While the shape of the cone itself is incredibly simple, the underside is just slightly more complex. Four flanges under the base are sized to accommodate double-sided mounting tape, and ribs extending from each flange increase rigidity for mounting to a counter, a backsplash, or the inside of a cabinet door. Once mounted, the filter forming cone can be operated with just one hand.